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We create spectacular endurance enhancing clothing for athletes who want to unleash their endless force within.

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Why Fasciawear is runner’s new best friend?

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Fasciawear Reviews

I was surprised how much easier it was to control my movement with Fasciawear even during the later part of the exercise. The whole body feels somehow lighter and powerful.


I LOVE my Superwoman outfit - makes me feel strong and supported during group exercise classes as well as at home taking care of my baby.


It's absolutely great! Fasciawear helps me with my running technique, I'm able to get my feet quicker under my body, which helps me thrust myself forward more effectively.


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Fasciawear Men’s Running Suit

The original men's endurance enhancing running suit. More performance, fewer injuries, better posture, and faster recovery. All in one suit.

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Fasciawear Women’s Running Suit

The original women's running suit. Second-skin feel with tension bands together are creating a perfect new companion for your own trails.

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