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Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you


Company name: Vaskia Oy
Founded: 2015
Headquarters: Oulu, Finland


Help people reach their best performance and enjoy sports fully through providing them with high quality functional sportswear.


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Sometimes an injury can be a new beginning. When I was recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon, I started thinking about a possibility to create a new type sportswear. A sportswear that would help the athlete to use their body in balanced way, giving rest to muscles being over used and helping to activate muscles that are under used. A type of sportswear that would help the athlete to use their body in an optimal way, to reach best possible performance, to help prevent injuries and to help recover from them, if the mishap already took place. On the forest running trails in Oulu, Fasciawear was born. -Marika

Marika Heiskanen

Founder & Innovator

Matti Niemistö