What the fascia?

Fasciawear’s patented full-body running outfit works by enhancing the body’s natural pre-tension and compression of the fascia network.

What is fascia?

Fascia is vital to every form of physical activity. It is the whole-body network of connective tissue connecting all of our muscles and bones into one unitary system. Fascia plays a key role in all of our movement. In the words of leading fascia researcher Tom Meyers:

  • Fascia is unitary, top to toe - connects into every cell

  • Fascia transmits and accommodates force across the whole body

  • Fascia responds in many ways from seconds to months

  • Fascia is vital in every form of training

  • Most body sensing is fascial

  • Most injuries are fascial, especially those that persist.

How Fasciawear Works?

Fasciawear running suit contains tension strips that stimulate your fascia network encouraging too-tight parts of the network to loosen and too-loose parts to become more active.

Fasciawear also provides sensory feedback that increases body awareness, helps in core muscle activation, improves posture, and guides toward more optimal movement.

Balanced use of your body and proper posture help you to reduce the strain on your muscles and joints caused by the workout, allowing you to exercise more efficiently, more safely and recover faster.

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